Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas USA

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas is an amazing attraction. This museum consists of two separate campuses: the main campus located in Victory Park, and the second campus located in Fair Park. The Victory Park campus is named after Margot and Ross Perot, who were the founders of the Perot Oil Company in Louisiana. The second campus was designed and built by the University of Dallas. The museum combines the beauty of nature and the study of man-made art.

The main attractions of the museum are its two main museums: The Discovery Educational Center and the Marine Science Museum. These two museums have a combined attendance of one hundred and seventy-two thousand people every year. The Discovery Educational Center features interactive exhibits that allow children to view life forms and learn about the earth. There are also interactive exhibits and video presentations in the Museum featuring animal life, including "Million Yen Millions", "The Royal Wild Life of Bangkok", and "Jurassic Park".

Other exhibits in the museum include dinosaur exhibits, prehistoric exhibits, and a large collection of insects. In addition to these attractions, there are interactive exhibits in the classrooms and in the museum itself. In the classroom, there are student activities and science activities that help students learn about the relationship between dinosaurs and humans, and the earth's environment. In the museum, there are also hands-on exhibits where children can manipulate objects and try to understand how the various pieces work.

Other exhibits in the Museum include dinosaur eggs, meteorites, and space shuttles. In the science section, there is a large life-size replica of an egg that is seven and a half inches in diameter. There is also a model of our solar system and a Mars rover. Other displays in the museum include a section on "The Great Wall of China", "Prehistoric Times", and "American Indians: An American Perspective", as well as "The Art of Being Wild."

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